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About us

Somewhere to turn to...

CarePlan Advisory was established by Chelsea Robinson after working in the Financial Planning industry for over 16 years and realising there was a real need for somewhere people could turn to when they, or their loved ones, need to make important Aged Care Financial Decisions, often at short notice. 

Chelsea created this company to specialise in Aged Care and Centrelink exclusively, delivering comprehensive service and support to her clients. Chelsea ensures that she gives each client the time and patience that this specialist area needs, in what is often an emotional time. While Chelsea is professionally qualified in this area, her own personal experience going through similar circumstances has given her a real passion for helping navigate Aged Care and Centrelink and is someone that you can trust to ensure you and your loved ones receive the professional advice they need. This means you can concentrate on spending quality time with those that mean the most to you.

We are located in Newcastle, NSW however we service all of Australia and are well equipped for online appointments via phone or video call depending on your preference. If you prefer to meet in person within the Newcastle area then we can either arrange to meet you at your Aged Care facility or hospital – or you are welcome to make an appointment at our local serviced offices.

As we are 100% independently owned and operated, we can even meet at the offices of your local financial adviser / accountant / solicitor as we frequently do with our many industry contacts in the area, working closely with them to ensure everything is as seamless as possible for you. Our Team at CarePlan advisory will provide guidance and support when needed.

We look forward to helping you,
The CarePlan Team